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teamJOKER#31226 (#343) decreased 3 SR from 83 to 80
random#1269 (#696) decreased 2 SR from 81 to 79
sinatraa#11809 (#696) decreased 4 SR from 83 to 79
Ube#2737 (#22) +5 SR 81 to 86
gadity (#1421) decreased 13 SR from 82 to 69
BromaS#2591 (#343) decreased 2 SR from 82 to 80
Snoozy#2512 (#1482) decreased 6 SR from 81 to 75
HexMe#2811 (#2753) decreased 10 SR from 81 to 71
Smith#2700 (#45) +4 SR 81 to 85
NUS#31591 (#135) decreased 2 SR from 84 to 82
harbleu#1515 (#343) decreased 1 SR from 81 to 80
DSPStanky (#44) decreased 2 SR from 81 to 79
chipshajen#2102 (#135) decreased 2 SR from 84 to 82
Adam#1251 (#67) +1 SR 83 to 84
Wat7#2921 (#343) decreased 2 SR from 82 to 80


Competitive Stats are live!

- Skill rating added to profiles
- Profiles are tabbed now between Quick Play & Competitive
- Skill rating set as default ranking on leaderboards
- Blizzard removed score stat, so you'll see that disappear
- We have a skill rating distribution graph that went live


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Hero Usage Trends

Which Heroes are you using the most? This helps define you as a player. Check out our trend graphs! Example

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Twitch Integration!

Link your Twitch

You a streamer? Go to your preferences and link your twitch. When you stream live we'll show your stream on your stats page, as well as linking you on the leaderboards. When you're live it'll even show that as well, helping you to get more viewers!

Stats in your Channel

If you want stats in your channel and you use nightbot, xgerhard has the hookup for you! Here's how to do it. For all other bots, check out these instructions.

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Pardon our dust

Welcome to Overwatch Tracker! Pardon our dust, we're still cleaning this place up. Get an error? Tweet us at @trackernetwork

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Stats coming soon :)

5/27 Update: Big progress made. Very close.

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Launch Day!

Hope every is having fun playing Overwatch! We're hoping we can get some juicy stats as soon as possible. If you know something I don't, please contact me: @htr_xorth. We're excited to build!

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