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TANK MAIN PEAK 4577(TOP30) ZARYA/D.VA || Playing against the best in the world! View Stats
4,309 Skill Rating
2.17 K/d
53.1% Win Percent
554 Games


AM Views w/ $50 Amazon eGift Card Giveaway at 100 Followers View Stats
3,252 Skill Rating
1.83 K/d
83.9% Win Percent
137 Games


Myb finally a good comp session? || New followers -Welcome!!! View Stats
2,719 Skill Rating
1.84 K/d
0.0% Win Percent
0 Games


Bronze to Diamond - Join to Learn/Teach // StreamingForTots !s4t !fund !sr !challenge View Stats
2,182 Skill Rating
1.88 K/d
0.0% Win Percent
0 Games