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Its good to see my Overwatch competitive stats for the most current season, but many times I want to look at my whole competitive career over every season to see how I could try to flex better in games and see which heroes Im playing too much or too little. It would be great if they could add the feature to see the most current season, but also your past seasons and a combined competitive career.


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xorth said:Hitting a bug? Have a feature request that would make the site better? We want to hear them. Please report here, and we'll get back to you!

Thanks![/quote} is there a way to have an obs overlay for overwatch? if so, i cant find one.


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Hello where do you get your pictures for the most played heroes and such? they look very pretty...


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Registered an account and connected up to realize that the space in my gamertag prevents me from being identified on this site RIP


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Does anyone know how to salute someone?


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Can y’all make a World War z tracker


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I wish man, love that game. But they don't even support saving progression... I am guessing they have 0 data.


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Hi, the performance tracker graph on my overview page only seems to work for quickplay. At the moment i have 3 days where i got zero as ive been playing competitive. Would be great to show both. Thanks